Why Moon and Stars Beauty Therapy? | Beauty Salon North Finchley

Why we’re here to help you

My name is Lucy Vardy and I am the owner and lead therapist at Moon and Stars Beauty Therapy. After working as an accountant for many years, I decided to follow my passion. I binned the calculator, sensible suit and briefcase, and retrained as a beauty and holistic massage therapist.   My goal was to create a place where people just like you could feel as relaxed and comfortable as they would at home, while experiencing personalised pampering in a peaceful environment. That’s why I set up Moon and Stars Beauty Therapy.

I believe that the more time you can take for yourself, the happier and more productive you become. Often, we feel guilty about spending time and money on ourselves; especially when our lives are so full.  And yet, those moments of relaxation and quiet can make such a difference!

You will find our beauty salon in North Finchley, London to be an oasis of calm and peaceful tranquillity.  Whether you have skin concerns that you would like to address, or muscles that ache from being on your feet all day, we are here to help.  Every treatment, from facials to hair removal begins with a thorough consultation so we can discover how to maximise your time with us.

At Moon and Stars you will find the highest quality beauty treatments in Finchley, and will only use products I am happy to use myself.  I have chosen to use Germaine de Capuccini as the main skincare range during facial treatments. These luxurious and effective products are exceptional and can make huge difference to your skin, as well as being utterly pleasurable to use at home.

For some people, healthy living means getting up at 6 am and running like the wind, whatever the weather. But a back massage on a heated couch is just as good for you – and I know which one I’d prefer!

I hope to see you soon,


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