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The Best Beauty Treatments for Men

Beauty treatments for men are becoming more and more popular; there is no stigma attached toshutterstock_156285293 men taking pride in their appearance as much as their female counterparts. This alone is one of the reasons why we have expanded our range of treatments specifically focused on men.

Here at Moon and Stars Beauty Therapy North Finchley London we offer the highest quality treatments including:-

  • Facials – Revive your appearance with one of our four luxury facials on offer. Although we offer set facials, all are tailored to meet the needs of your specific skin type.
  • Manicure – Tidy up your hands with one of our manicure treatments whether you want to look your best for a special event or just like to look your best everyday.
  • Pedicure – With summer coming keep your toes flip-flop ready with one of our pedicure treatments.
  • Hair removal – This is particularly popular with out male clients and we have hair removal treatments focusing on all the top problem areas including back waxing, chest, ear and nose waxing.

For more information on the treatments we have to offer visit our website today and indulge yourself with a different kind experience. We are pleased to offer the best beauty treatments for men.