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What to Expect During a Brazilian or Hollywood Bikini Hot Wax Treatment

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What to Expect During a Brazilian or Hollywood Bikini Hot Wax Treatment

What to Expect During a Brazilian Bikini Wax or Hollywood Wax Treatment

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In the second part of this blog post, you’ll find out EXACTLY what happens during a Brazilian or Hollywood bikini hot wax hair removal treatment. Plus you’ll be given guidance on the best aftercare advice to follow.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and have a Brazilian or Hollywood bikini wax. But you’re still a bit hesitant as you don’t know what to expect during the treatment itself. Will I have to get into awkward or uncomfortable positions? How will I know what clothes to remove?

Here’s the lowdown on exactly what happens during an intimate waxing treatment, so there’ll be no shocks or surprises!

Preparation is key to a successful intimate wax, so see the first part of this blog post which explains how best to prepare for your Brazilian or Hollywood bikini hot wax treatment.

The Consultation

If it’s your first wax, you’ll be asked to fill in a thorough consultation form.  This will then be discussed with you before your treatment starts. You’ll be asked a number of questions about your health including any medications you are on, any allergies etc.  Please be honest! You might have had waxing treatments before, but intimate waxing requires extra care as the skin is thinner and often more sensitive than other areas of the body.

You will have plenty of time to ask your own questions, so don’t be shy! It’s nothing your therapist hasn’t heard before, and if it helps to put your mind at ease, so much the better.

The Treatment

woman lying on the bed with legs crossedOnce the consultation is over you will be asked to remove your underwear and lie on the treatment couch under the top towel. I usually ask for clients to remove their knickers for an intimate wax.  You might feel a bit embarrassed to start with, but it means the treatment will be more easily and hygienically carried out.

You’ll then be left alone to allow you time to get ready while your therapist steps out to wash their hands. Once the therapist returns to the room, she will put on disposable gloves and begins the treatment by applying an anti-septic cleanser over the whole area.  At this point your therapist should clarify how much, if any, hair is to be left, and if you’re having a Brazilian (which leaves a ‘landing strip’ of hair over the pubic bone), how thick or thin you like the strip.

A pre-wax oil is then applied to the area, to prevent the wax adhering to the skin and making the treatment more comfortable.

You will then be asked to bend your left leg outwards with your left foot touching your right knee if possible.  Then the first strip of wax will be applied, and you’ll be asked to make sure the temperature of the wax is not too hot for you.  Hot wax is applied and left to cool down for a few seconds before being removed, and so for speed and convenience a number of patches of wax will be applied at a time.  Once the left side is completed, you’ll be asked to straighten that leg and bend your right leg in order to finish that side.

The hot wax is applied in a thick layer and feels warms rather than hot against the skin.  It’s removed when it hardens (which only takes a couple of seconds), by being pulled quickly against the direction of hair growth.

During the treatment you might also be asked to stretch the skin with your hands.  This prevents bruising as well as making for a more comfortable experience.

If you would also like hair removed from between the buttocks, you will then be asked to turn over and lie on your stomach.  Cleanser and pre-wax oil will be applied as before and once again, the wax will be applied in a number of patches and then swiftly removed.

After the hair has been removed, the area will be cleansed once again to remove any excess oil, and then aloe vera will be applied to reduce redness and prevent infection.a woman holding a small bowl with hot brazilian wax

It might be necessary to remove a few remaining hairs with tweezers, particularly if there are any that are ingrown.  Exfoliating before and after your waxing treatment will help to minimise the need for tweezing, as well as reducing the number of ingrown hairs.

Finally your therapist will check that you’re happy, before leaving the room to give you time to get dressed again.


It’s perfectly normal for the area to be a little pink after the treatment.  This might last for up to 24 hours, so it’s important to you follow the aftercare advise given to you by your therapist.

Particularly if it’s your first intimate wax it’s important to follow the guidelines to prevent infection and reduce ingrown hairs.

For 24 hours after your treatment:

  • Wear loose cotton clothing, and if possible bring a change of underwear with you to your appointment
  • Apply after wax lotion or suitable homecare products to soothe the area.
  • Exfoliate the area after 48 hours and every other day for a week afterwards to help prevent ingrown hairs
  • For best results, follow any other homecare advice as recommended

For 24 hour after treatment:woman in bikini reading a book at the beach

  • Do not apply perfumed products to the area,
  • Do not have a very hot bath or shower, opt for warm water instead
  • Do not use a sun bed or sunbathe
  • Avoid any heat treatments eg. Sauna, steam rooms etc
  • Avoid swimming and other exercise

So there you have the lowdown on Brazilian and Hollywood hot wax hair removal treatments!  It’s definitely not as scary (or as painful!) as you might have thought.  It sometimes take two or three waxes before hair growth starts to slow down, so why not start getting waxed now in time for the summer?!

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