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Beauty Treatments For Men

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Men’s Facial Treatments

*** January’s Special Offer: All 55 minute facials begin with a complimentary 25 minute back, neck and should massage. See here for more details. ***

A male facial at Moon and Stars is a great way of taking care of your skin.  We can help with many common male skin concerns including facial sensitivity and redness due to shaving, adult acne, sunburn, dark under-eye circles and pseudo folliculitis barbae (razor burn).

Whether you are suffering with oily skin, dry skin or are looking for an anti-aging facial, we can help.  Acne, blackheads, combination or oily skin and large pores will all benefit from our Deep Cleansing Facial.  Dry skin, dehydrated skin, razor burn and sensitive skin sufferers with benefit from our Vitamin Boost Re-energising Facial.

A male facial at Moon and Stars is not just an adaptation of a women’s treatment, it is specifically designed for male skin.

Your treatment will also include a pressure point massage to the face and scalp, allowing your therapist to work deeply into the muscles for maximum effectiveness and relaxation.


Skincare Consultation

30 mins £0
This complimentary service allows you to talk through any skin concerns or issues you may be having, and receive lifestyle and skincare recommendations that can help.  Whether that may be a sudden onset of acne, dry skin that needs constant moisturising, or fine lines and wrinkles, you can be assured that our skincare experts can help.A thorough discussion of your skin concerns is followed by a double cleanse, tone and skin analysis.  We take an holistic approach to skincare, and you will receive a number of recommendations to improve your skin.  Finally you’re skin will be moisturised and you will recieve skincare samples to use at home.

Men’s Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial – includes 15 mins consultation

55 mins £50
Men’s skin is different from women’s: it produces more sebum, causing oily skin, acne and open pores.  The treatment includes a hihgly effective anti-bacterial exfoliation, working deeply into the pores to removed excess sebum.A relaxing but effective facial to re-balance and purify the skin and reduce congestion.Blackhead extractions can be performed as required.

  • Skin is deeply cleansed
  • Excess sebum is absorbed
  • Skin is purified, balanced and matte in appearance

Men’s Vitamin Boost Re-Energising Facial – includes 15 mins consultation

55 mins £60
Based on natural ingredients such as Birch Sap, Olive Leaf and Vitamin C, this facial has been specifically designed to meet the needs of men’s skin.Perfect for skin that is aggravated by shaving or daily elements such as pollution, as well as tired, dull looking skin.

  • Skin is brightened and more luminous
  • Skin is more hydrated, soothed and calmed
  • Skin is shielded from daily aggressors such as pollution and smoke

Facial and Scalp Massage

30 mins £25
A face massage is more than just an enjoyable 30 minutes! We have found that our facial and scalp massage treatment has helped clients with stress headaches, sinus problems, tired eyes and jaw clenching.The treatment consists of a face neck and shoulder massage using aromatherapy oils specifically selected for your needs. This is followed by a heavenly scalp and head massage to encourage blood flow to the scalp. Relaxation guaranteed!





Express Manicure

20 mins £15
We will shape and tidy your nails and cuticles before buffing them and adding cuticle oil.

Spa Manicure

45 mins £25
We will shape and tidy your nails and cuticles before using a milk and honey scrub to soften your skin. Then you’ll have a de-stressing hand and lower arm massage before we buff your nails and apply cuticle oil.

Luxury Manicure

60 mins £35
We will shape and tidy your nails and cuticles before using a milk and honey scrub to soften your skin. You can then choose to have one of the following:

  • A paraffin wax mask
  • An application of lightening serum
  • A dermal wrap
  • An application of anti-oxidant serum
  • Sicilian whitening paste

A hand massage will relax your hands and lower arms before we buff your nails and apply cuticle oil.



Our pedicures for men provide a great way of treating your nails and feet as well as being very relaxing.

A male pedicure can help with:

  • Dry Skin
  • Callused Feet
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Yellow or Unhealthy Looking Toenails
  • Hard Skin, especially around the heel

Please note that pedicures can not be carried out if there are any viral, bacterial or fungal infections on the feet or nails. Please check with your GP if necessary before booking any appointment.

Express Pedicure

25 mins £20
Your nails will be cut, filed and shaped and cuticles tidied.  Nails will then be buffed, and cuticle oil applied.

Spa Pedicure

55 mins £30
Nails will be clipped and filed and cuticle tidied.  Dry skin on the soles of your feet will be gently buffed away, and a foot scrub applied.  Once the foot scrub has been removed you’ll be treated to a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.  Finally nails will be buffed to achieve a strong, healthy look.

Paradiso Pedicure

70 mins £40
All the benefits of a Spa Pedicure with the inclusion of an additional targeted treatment.  Choose from:

  • A paraffin wax treatment
  • An application of lightening serum
  • A dermal wrap
  • A callus peel
  • An application of anti-oxidant serum
  • Sicilian whitening paste

Callus Peel

30 mins £25
A professional strength gel mask will be applied to areas of dry skin on your feet before we give you a heavenly foot massage to fully nourish your now soft feet.

Hair Removal


Hair Removal:

Come to Moon and Stars in Finchley for all your male waxing needs!

Using wax designed specifically for male hair that is coarser than women’s, your unwanted hair will be speedily and efficiently removed and we will then apply a cooling gel to soothe the area and reduce redness.


Eyebrow Tidy

15 mins £10


15 mins £10


20 mins £14

Nose and Ears

30 mins £20


30 mins £20


30 mins £22

Stomach and Chest

45 mins £32

Lower or Upper Back

30 mins £22

Full Back

45 mins £32

Full Back and Shoulders

60 mins £42