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The best sheet masks for your skin type

The best sheet masks for your skin type

I’m sure you’ve become aware of one of the latest trends in the skincare world, sheet masks. Sheet masks are a successful and popular example of the innovative world of K-beauty (Korean beauty), and best of all? There’s a mask for everyone!

There are a few reasons why I love sheet masks. Until they became so popular, many people would only be treated to a mask during a professional treatment. I think it’s partly because they can be a bit of a faff, if I’m honest. You’d never know how much product to use, and it was usually quite messy.

However, sheet masks are infused with the right amount of product, and peel right off after use. As they are individually packaged they are also great for a holiday or weekend away.

The other reason I love sheet masks is because some ingredients because significantly less effective when oxygen is introduced i.e. when the bottle or tube is opened. With sheet masks, you have no degradation of ingredient quality as you only open the mask before use. This means this new generation of facial masks are much more powerful and effective and can really be used to boost the skin as and when needed.

Here are some of my favourite sheet masks.

Best Korean sheet masks


Of course I have to start with the originators of sheet masks!

Tony Moly do some of the cutest and most affordable sheet masks and are great for a spa night in with you girlfriends (they’re also great for teenage skin if your daughters want to try them). They’re fun, smell fab and come in a variety of types to suit every skin concern.

The rice mask is great for hydrating and soothing, and tea tree or aloe are good for congested skins.

Best for hydration


Guaranteeing an impressive 120 hours of hydration the Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask certainly packs a punch.  It is deeply nourishing and at just £8, can be used weekly for maximum benefit.

Best for oily, congested skin and for being fun to use!


Seen the new craze of masks that bubble up on the surface of the skin? Usually containing charcoal and other purifying ingredients, you’ll never be bored using a bubble mask!

Best for anti-ageing

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Containing pure retinol (the gold standard ingredient for softening lines and wrinkles), Shiseido sheet masks are impressively effective and not actually as expensive as some other high-end masks. Recommend for most skin types, except sensitive. Comes in a pack of four, I would suggest using no more than once a week as they are that powerful.

Best for pure luxury


There are a few brands that spring to mind when you think of luxurious skincare products, but perhaps none more so than Creme de la Mer. Their moisturiser is legendary, and all products are infused with their signature Miracle Broth, making skin smoothed, softened and revitalised. The pack costs an eye-watering £200, but at least you get six applications for that!

Best for sensitive skin


If you suffer with sensitive skin, finding products that don’t make the condition worse can be tricky. Often sensitive skin comes as a result of illness or stress which breaks down the skin’s barrier function. Building it up again, using ingredients such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) or sea kelp can really help calm and protect skin.

Best for defence against London’s horribly polluted air!


Is it just me or has the air quality in London become significantly worse recently? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, external aggressors such as pollution accounts for a whopping 85% – 90% of all skin ageing. Genetics actually plays very little part in it.

The best way to minimise the affect on your skin is by using a daily physical sun protection on top of your moisturiser and underneath make up. Ultrasun is particularly good.

The other step you can take is to neutralise the free radicals associated with pollution and that’s where anti-oxidants come in. Vitamin C is one of my favourite anti-oxidant skincare ingredients which not only neutralises free radicals but also gives an amazing glowing radiance to the skin. Vitamin C is also good for hormonal acne.

So there we a round-up of my favourite sheet masks. Have you tried any? I’d love to hear what you think!

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