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Introducing Ruff Stuff Daily Body Scrub

If you’ve been waxing for a while, you’ll know that ingrown hairs can be a frustrating and sometimes painful side effect of hair removal. Ironically, ingrown hairs are a positive sign as it means the hairs themselves are becoming weaker and therefore less able to push through the surface of the skin. Once trapped they […]

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Teenagers and waxing: what you need to know as a parent

Teenagers and waxing: what you need to know as a parent Excess hair can feel uncomfortable to deal with at any age, but especially as a teenager.  Conscious of how they look compared to their friends, many teenagers want to find ways of removing unwanted hair.  If your daughter talks to you about this delicate subject, it’s […]

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Ingrown Hairs: The Foolproof Post-wax Treatment Guide

Why you get ingrown hairs after waxing Ingrown hairs. The most common and frustrating part of getting waxed regularly.  They occur when either the hair has curled around and grown back into the skin or has never pushed through the surface and just started growing underneath the skin. You can either see the hair under […]

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