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The Best Treatments For Cellulite

The Best Treatments For Cellulite

The Best (And Most Effective) Treatments For Cellulite

Cellulite is often the focus of attention at this time of year.  When the weather turns warm, women start thinking about wearing skirts and swimwear.  If cellulite is something that concerns you, however, you might not feel quite so comfortable putting your legs on show! Now is a great time to start tackling cellulite as it often takes a little while to see an improvement.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite, sometimes called ‘orange peel skin’ is a condition largely (although not exclusively) affecting women, and usually starts after puberty.  It is created by fatty deposits sitting directly under the surface of the skin, pressing on the connective tissues causing the skin to pucker or dimple.  It is most often seen on thighs and buttocks.


Causes of cellulite

There are many different causes of cellulite.  It’s a myth that it only affects women who are overweight and often has more to do with genetics than anything else.  One statistic suggests that up to 90% of women will experience cellulite at some point in their lives!  So, if the women in your family have cellulite chances are you will too, regardless of your weight.

Other causes include:

1 Lack of exercise and/or a sedentary lifestyle
2. A diet high in fat, particularly saturated
3. Dehydration
4. The tone and colour of your skin
5. Hormonal changes, in particular, changes in oestrogen, insulin and thyroid hormones
6. Smoking

Treatments for Cellulite

Given that the causes of cellulite are so wide ranging, recommending a treatment plan is often a matter of trial and error.  Some treatments will help to improve the superficial appearance of the skin, giving the illusion of a reduction in cellulite.  Others will work deeper down, targeting the fat cells themselves. Not surprisingly, these treatments tend to be more expensive, and require more of a time commitment, but they will also be most effective.
Lifestyle treatments of cellulite
Lymphatic Drainage Massage1. Massage

Certain types of massage, in particular lymphatic drainage massage can really help.  Cellulite can be caused by a decrease in lymph and blood circulation. Toxic build up is the main cause of stagnant lymph, which is at the centre of cellulite formation.  Toxicity should be removed through the sweat glands, lymph nodes, kidneys and liver, but when there is an overload in toxins in the body it creates a build up.  Therefore the purpose of lymphatic drainage massage is to remove toxins from the body. This is especially recommend for cellulite brought about by pregnancy as increased ostrogen reduces the ability of the body to detoxify.

2. Reduce toxicity
Following on from above, it also makes sense to look at ways to reduces toxins entering the body in the first place.  These include cutting down on processed foods, reducing or stopping smoking and consider a full detox two or three times a year.
Breathing deeply also helps as it increases the lymph circulation.
3. Exercise regularly and try to avoid sitting for long periods of time.images (4)

Greater muscle tone along with a reduction in body fat can tone up the skin and help create the appearance of a lessening of cellulite.  Toning exercises in particular are excellent to help with firming muscles and tightening skin tone.  Think pilates, yoga and swimming.

4, Reduce stress.

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for our reaction to stress.  It serves us well in times of pressure, but also tells our body to store fat which contributes to cellulite. Finding ways to reduce the stress in your life can therefore be one way of tackling the issue of cellulite.

5. Cellulite Creams
Look for creams that include caffeine, Gingko Biloba and Vitamin C.  These ingredients will stimulate collagen and boost circulation.
Recommended creams:
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control
KIKO Anti-Cellulite Serum Spray
Bliss Fat Girl Slim (just don’t bother with the machine that goes with it).
Salon Treatments of Cellulite
1. Mesotherapy – vitamin rich micro injections full of a variety of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.  Mesotherapy helps to stimulate collagen production and give a plump look to the skin. It can also help to tighten and tone the area giving the appearance of a reduction in cellulite
Cost: Medium 
Pain: High (or low if choosing needle-free mesotherapy)
How long before you’ll see results? After the course of treatments

Effectiveness: 3/10

2. Radio Frequency for example Velashape/Velasmooth which won ITV’s This Morning’s Cheat to the Beach.  A non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.  However, it’s fairly new so trials are still ongoing in terms of how long the effects last.  There is usually a little discomfort but no pain and you can carry on with day straight away.  Choose from 1 longer treatment or 3 shorter ones.
Cost: High 
Pain: Low
How long before you’ll see results?: Soon

Effectiveness: 8/10

Lipocontour-Ultrasound-Cavitation-3. Ultrasound Cavitation. Converts fat cells to liquids which are then drained by the bodies natural drainage system (i.e. urination!).  It works by using low frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells. Usually 2 – 5 sessions are recommended.
Cost: Medium 
Pain: Low
How long before you’ll see results?: Full results are seen after 3 – 4 months

Effectiveness: 9/10

4. Fat Freezing e.g. Cool Sculpting/Cryolypolysis.  This works the opposite way to caviation and freezes fat cells, thereby killing them.  These cells are then eliminated via the lymph and renal systems. takes 3 -4 months to see full results, but fat cells will not return.  A series of 3 – 6 treatments is usually recommended.
Cost: Medium/High
Pain: A little discomfort but no real pain
How long before you’ll see results?: You’ll see some improvement immediately, with full results being seen after 3 – 6 months

Effectiveness: 8/10 but fat cells are destroyed permanently and won’t return.

5. Laser. the most invasive form of cellulite reduction and one step below liposuction.  A local anaesthetic is required and is carried out by a doctor.  A probe is inserted into the required area where heat is used to target and kill fat cells.
Cost: Highest of all treatments reviewed
Pain: Low as local anaesthetic is used (but recovery is uncomfortable)
How long before you’ll see results?: Immediately
Effectiveness: 10/10


So there you have it, the most effective treatments for cellulite.  Most treatments take time to work, so now is a great time to start thinking about a treatment plan so you’ll be ready to flaunt the results by summer!


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