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How to choose the right facial for you

How to choose the right facial for you

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Are you looking to treat yourself to a facial, but are not sure which one to choose?

Check out my handy hints below to guide you towards choosing exactly the right facial for your skin.

Are you having any specific problems with your skin right now?

If you’ve suddenly broken out in spots, or your skin has become unusually sensitive to regularly used products, this will give you some indication of which facial might be right for you.  It is worth thinking about your skin holistically and asking what is different that might have prompted this change? Have you started taking a new medication? Have you been unwell, or has an inflammatory condition (e.g. arthritis) become worse? As we come move towards the festive season, drinking more alcohol or even eating richer foods can negatively impact the skin.

How would you like your skin to feel or look?

Again, this might sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many clients come for a facial without a goal in mind! If you’re looking for glowing skin, a Vitamin C facial might be the right one for you. Similarly, if you’re looking for a more matte finish to your skin, a deep cleansing facial might be for you.

How does your skin feel at certain times of the day?

How your skin feels first thing in the morning will give you a fairly good indication of whether your skin is oily, combination, normal or dry.  Again this might give you some clue as to which facial to choose for your skin.  Equally, checking your skin’s condition in mid-afternoon will also allow you to discover your skin type.  If your skin has a sheen to it by mid-afternoon, particularly if you are not wearing make-up, you are probably leaning towards a facial for oily/combination skin. Whereas if you feel you need to add another application of serum/oil to your skin, your skin might be dry or dehydrated.

Which products are you using at the moment that are particularly effective on your skin?

For some people, there are certain products that just seem to ‘work’ for their skin.  If for example, you find a retinol based serum makes a noticeable difference to your skin, one of the more advanced anti-ageing facials might be the most beneficial for you.  Equally using a hyaluronic acid based oil or cream might suggest your skin is suffering with dehydration.

Finally, how much time are you willing to commit to your facial treatments?

There are certain facials that work best as part of a course of treatments.  This is particularly the case for more stubborn skin issues such as acne or hyperpigmentation.  If you are looking to get a facial before a big event such as a wedding, it’s worth having a chat about whether one facial should be enough, or a series of weekly/monthly facials might be more beneficial.

If you’re still not sure which facial is right for you, please don’t worry! I would advise booking a complimentary skincare consultation and we can have a thorough chat about which facial will be right for you.

All facials can be found here for women and here for men.

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