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The Best Treatments For Cellulite

The Best (And Most Effective) Treatments For Cellulite Cellulite is often the focus of attention at this time of year.  When the weather turns warm, women start thinking about wearing skirts and swimwear.  If cellulite is something that concerns you, however, you might not feel quite so comfortable putting your legs on show! Now is […]

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Cleansing Oils – The (not so) new way to clearer, brighter skin

The Oil Cleansing Method Have you heard about the Oil Cleansing Method for clearer, brighter skin? It’s been around for a while, and its popularity has picked up considerably in the last few years. Nowadays most reputable skincare ranges have at least one cleansing oil in their repertoire, including Dermalogica, Bobbi Brown and the cult Korean […]

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Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Here’s The Lowdown

Dark circles under your eyes is a common concern. Almost every woman, at some point in their lives, has looked in the mirror and felt the need to reach for the concealer. The reason? The skin under the eyes is up to eight times thinner than skin on other parts of the body. That means the […]

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The Best Ways To Treat Dry And Brittle Nails

If you’re suffering with dry and brittle nails you’ll know how uncomfortable they can be. Brittleness can cause nails to crack or chip more easily. Nails can also be prone to splitting or peeling when they’re dry, and winter weather often makes symptoms worse. As we head towards a cold snap, here are some ways […]

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5 Specific Ways to Combat Dry Skin

As we enter into the winter months, skin that is already on the dry side can suddenly become quite uncomfortable and ‘tight’. Understandably many people react by using even thicker, heavier products to try and combat the dryness.  However, not only does this not help, it also often leads to an increase in skin sensitivity. […]

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