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Universal Contour Wrap comes to Finchley!

Universal Contour Wrap comes to Finchley!

Universal Contour Wrap Treatmemt comes to Finchley!

Ready for summer in under an hour?  It’s now possible with the Universal Contour Wrap Body Wrap Express Treatment!10641085_10153090962569064_6087856912862240530_n

Universal Contour Wrap Express Treatment – A simple and effective slimming body wrap from the world’s leading body wrap experts.

Just in time for summer! This relaxing 45 minute treatment uses a combination of detoxification, compression of fatty tissues and wrapping techniques to tone, firm and tighten specific areas of the body.

This is NOT a typical and temporary water loss treatment.  In fact, you are encouraged to drink water regularly after treatment to sustain detoxification.

Choose from five different areas to treat,or why not maximise your time and have more than one area wrapped?

You can now book online with immediate confirmation of your appointment.


Under Arm Toner

If you’re concerned with loose and slackened underarms, this effective treatment is perfect for you!  The wrap uses mineral rich clay together with a bandage wrap to tone, firm and sculpt the under arm area.

45 Mins  £35

Thigh Blaster

Cellulite, often referred to as orange peel skin, affects four out of five women.  Using a mineral rich clay formula in conjunction with a sculpting bandage wrap, the treatment works to firm and tone the thigh area, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

45 Mins £35

Tummy Reducer

Need a quick fix? Help is at hand with the Universal Contour Wrap stomach wrap.  This effective treatment uses mineral rich clay in conjunction with special bandage wrapping techniques to firm, life and shape the waist and stomach areas.  Great before a holiday and perfect for new mums!

45 Mins  £35

 Buttock Shaper

Sculpt your buttocks into shape with a firming, toning and sculpting buttock wrap.

45 Mins  £35

Bust Lift and Back Tone

There are many reasons why the chest area may slacken and lose toner – pregnancy, weight loss and age amongst others. The Universal Contour Wrap Express Treatment works to lift and firm the bust area and helps to smooth the area around the back.  The treatment uses a unique formula of clay and minerals together with bandages that concentrate on creating a lifting effect.

45 mins £35

 Treatments may be taken individually, and you’ll see fantastic results immediately.  But for maximum benefits, consider a course of five treatments, taken weekly.

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