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Introducing Ruff Stuff Daily Body Scrub

If you’ve been waxing for a while, you’ll know that ingrown hairs can be a frustrating and sometimes painful side effect of hair removal. Ironically, ingrown hairs are a positive sign as it means the hairs themselves are becoming weaker and therefore less able to push through the surface...

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The best luxury lip balms

My pick of the best luxury lip balms The changeable weather we’ve been having has really affected my skin. Flakiness, tightness, increased sensitivity. All a result of the delightful English weather! Lips and eyes in particular have been suffering, as the skin there is up to eight times thinner than elsewhere...

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12 Beauty Subscription Boxes To Try

Beauty Subscription Boxes you need to try!

Hands up who wouldn’t look forward to receiving a box full of beauty products to try every month? These days there are almost too many beauty subscription boxes to choose from which just goes to show how popular they have become. With an almost overwhelming choice of skincare and...

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A banner on exfoliating toners with a woman's face

Exfoliating Toners – The little step that makes a big difference to your skin

Is your skin needing something more these day? Lacking vitality, uneven, patchy or prone to flakiness? Perhaps you’ve broken out in spots, or you’re noticing your pores are larger then ever? Exfoliating toners (also known as acid toners) are perhaps the most underappreciated step in a skincare regime, and...

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